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A one stop solution for all your requirements, Providing you the best services in the domain with a mission to provide seamless experience to all.

Our Mission

Ease your life with intuitive chakra insights and awesome psycho-spiritual techniques designed to bridge your conscious mind with the superconscious mind for better health, relationships, personal and professional life.

A great team

A group of mentors and back end support team are always there to guide you so that you make the best use of the app and make it your best companion app


We offer support in many different ways such as sub-apps, , news events, one on one consultation flash  cards for your intuitive reading and much more 


A lot of free information is available along with graded available information as per your membership plan. Though several features available free of cost are of a great help. If you wish to upgrade to a membership plan, check our membership features or call


We are available from 12 noon to 7 pm India time to assist you. However, you can easily reach us through email 

Ease yourself

A great new way to ease your stress by delving deep into your subconscious mind. Seek a demonstration to enjoy a very powerful features.

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